One BIG Way To Increase Your Values and Self-Esteem

One hour here, two hours there, even fifteen minutes, it alladds up, and quickly too. Television is toxic to our self-esteem. In fact, 90% of television programs are adepressant. That leaves only 10% as a stimulant. With sucha high percentage of negativity fueling the majority of thiscountry television must play into the fact that anti-depressant consumption is doubling by the year. So, if youare wondering why you have low self-esteem, think about yourtelevision habits.

Look how long the tobacco industry used television toconvince us smoking was "Cool." If that doesn't hit you,now we know that fluoride is a toxic substance thatmanufacturers couldn't figure where to dump, so theadvertisers convinced the public, and the majority of thedentist community, how great it was for our teeth,especially our children. Now, the truth is really out,including cancer in children in academic portions.

When is enough, just that, enough? Is the public thatgullible? Advertisers say yes, and we keep supporting itbecause we keep buying and doing the behavior.

In order for advertising to work, advertisers must create aproblem or target a problem. If the problem isn't bigenough, they blow it up with misleading information to pushthe problem up in our perception. Then they promote asolution with a limited perception. These internal messagestell us we need to be dissatisfied with our lives, what weown, and especially our self-worth with their answer. Nomatter where you are on the social scale, commercialspurposely make us feel that we haven't arrived yet.

If you love your two-year car, they tell you how great it isto buy a new one, and, of course, your self-esteem will risejust because you drive it. The next time you drive your carthis message plays even if you don't think it's playing inyour mind. In addition, with all the car ads on television,how can you miss one even if you mute or leave the roomduring the commercials, you still get the tail end of one?

Advertiser even play people by giving expensive cars tocelebratees, create hype about them having the car, which inturn creates the "keep up with the Jones" effect. Then, thefans of those celebratees have just "got to have" that carin order for them to respect themselves in the morning. Theindividual's emotional roller coaster begins in shopping forthe car, through the buying process, and the first fewmonths with the new car. Afterwards they must sit down,watch 30 or 40 car television "gotta have" messages justafter writing a their car payment check for that new car andimmediately get depressed because they have $10 left in theaccount and they now want the other new car. Then talk showprograms tell them they can't manage their money and all ittakes is simple common sense. They get down on themselves,grab another anti-depressant, and watch another car ad.

Its a-no-wonder depression is doubling year in children inAmerica. The message we're bombarded with is whatever weown isn't good enough. Moreover, we allow the television tobe our babysitter while we are off doing something else.Would you hire an individual to stand in front of yourchildren and yell at them every 10 to 15 minutes for 3 to 6minutes on what to buy? No, television is doing it for youalready. Parents, what-are-ya-thinking? Or aren't you?

Even though we're intelligent enough to know that our lifeis good, that most television programs and all commercialsare negative, the majority of the people still sit there andsoak it all in.

It's scary to think how as a society we've allowed this tohave such a profound effect on us. Television advertiserstake the most basic human needs, social stimulation andcommunity, mix it with perception fallacies, like "we're notgood enough" without whatever it is, and push it out. Whyis it so easy to influence us on how we need to fit into thesocial mode?

Some people say if you don't like it, just turn the thingoff or do without it. Or we need to be smart enough andjust watch the "good" stuff. Yet, even when we do that,there are still the commercials.

Television is influential enough for humans to change theirvalues and the values of all the generations that follow.Take a close look at someone who is financially well off andask them how much television do they watch. The majorrespond, "they don't have time," some even say they don'teven one a television set. Why? Because of its negativeinfluence.

Television can and does bar our own success. This authortossed hers out five years and prosperity has doubledbecause of it. Her self-esteem is up 1000% and her weightdown 35%.

Be smart in your life -- turn of the darn tube off -- maybethen you can stop taking so many aspirins or depressants.Don't believe me, prove me wrong, try it for 30 days, andwrite and tell me that turning it off didn't improve yourlife.

Television is an addictive habit and all addiction includesa withdrawal stage. The same effect when you are gettingoff carbs, caffeine, or sugar. Even those are in the bodyand the television in your mind, your body will still react.Hence, be gentle with yourself. When this writer weaned offtelevision, she paced in front of it every night just likeopening the refrigerator to see what's available when you'renot hungry. Television isn't your babysitter, the majorityof the time it's a drug. Children will go through a similarwithdrawal stage as well.

The only way to reduce the withdrawal stage is to substituteit with something you like to do more than watch television.Make a list of these activities. It will help you when youare pacing in front of that bare spot.

Read a book, have a conversation, play with the kids, writea book, there's so much more to life. Start a business,write a book, volunteer, clean out the garage. Oops, thelast one can't ever be better than watching television but,honestly, you will sure please your wife if you do it.

Take a stand, change by taking new action, and make betterchoices this month with your time. Eliminate television.Sit in front of a fireplace looking at the family albumlaughing at everyone's baby pictures. Do this and yourself-esteem, and the people you share more experiences with,is guaranteed to soar.

A life coach supports individuals in finding what isaffecting their lives and making changes in order that theprognosis is more happiness and prosperity. Catherine Franzis the coach you want to hire to give you just that support.Find abundance at:

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