3 Tips for a Great Summer - Developing Life & Business While Having a Blast

As the last day of school arrives I feel the same tendency I had as a child... to drop everything and scream "let's go play!" After all, extreme self-care is so important. I also wonder if we tend to use the summer as an excuse to procrastinate. So here are a few tips to integrate personal and business growth with a whole lot of fun.

1- What do you want to achieve by Labor Day-

While staying in line with your annual goals determine how you want to develop personally and professionally. What skill needs to be developed? Is there a new product you can add? How do you want to be different? What do you want your business to look like? If you are stuck create a success formula.

Make a list of what you have...a great product, expertise, etc. Then look at what you want... X number of clients, to create a profit of X amount, to reach a certain level, etc. What's missing? A skill? A marketing plan? Self-development? Another product? Knowledge in a certain area? Prospect follow-up? Choose where to begin to fill the gap. In addition, make a list of what you would like to do this summer to enjoy your family and enjoy your life. Include your favorite things, and the things you keep thinking about. Keep in mind that the best most memorable moments are not expensive.

2- Create a simple consistent plan of action-

Let me stress simple and consistent. Choose your summer schedule. You may want to wake up extra early...summer mornings are refreshing. Get your work done and have lots of time to play. Possibly fit in a few more hours in the late afternoon or evening. Bring a good book to the pool that will help you develop in the area of your choice. Or take a class or teleclass? Create some structure so you have time for work and play. You can plan an outing for a certain day each week.

Choose certain times for housework. This also teaches your kids to make time for work and play as both are important. If you can integrate the two...all the better. Have the kids help with housework...blast the music, dance around, and get the job done...or create a race. Know the actions you will take so there is no time wasted wondering what to do when. Make sure you schedule in quiet time for you alone and time once a week to update your plan.

3- Take action daily-

Now that you know your plan you can move towards developing yourself and your business while enjoying your life. Keep your plan in front of you daily. If you fall off course one day...which you will...don't worry about it. Just get back on track. A few days a week developing your growth are better than none.

In addition...to help you feel your best drink lots of water, add foods that will provide you energy vs. needing adrenaline, and get your rest. Make this a summer of memories when:

  • you grew the most and played to the fullest,

  • you connected with those you love,

  • you worked and still had a blast.

Now that makes for a great summer with no regrets. Let's go PLAY!!!!!

Copyright 2004 © Beth A. Tabak, All rights reserved.

About The Author

Beth Tabak is a Business & Life Coach, columnist, and owner of Starting Now. She coaches busy business people to develop the life and business they keep thinking about. For free resources, assessments, articles, classes, and ezines to help you upgrade your life and business visit www.startingnowcoaching.com, www.seminarannouncer.com, www.teleclass.com


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