Seeing Your Energy At Work

Our bodies are made of pure energy. With Quantum physicswe learn that the cells of our body are made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of sub-atomic particles.

These sub-atomic particles are not actually particles, they are pure energy and also "probabilities of existence". Itis when we give our attention to this energy that they become particles and go on to become real. What wethink becomes our reality.

I know this is a little hard to believe for some people. You may have heard the saying "seeing is believing". But, in order to create what you want in life, it actuallyshould be "believing is seeing". If you have absolutefaith that you can use your thoughts to create, thenwith your intention and attention to what you want,it will come into your existence.

However, it is human nature for the need to see the evidence before believing. I have three easy exercises below that will show you how to see your energy and how to see your energy at work. These will help to increase your faith so you can work on creating the life you desire.

We all have living auras that are flowing energy. You can feel this energy by holding your hands about a couple inches apart and visualizing your palms pushing towards each other. You will feel resistance, like two magnets repelling each other. Now try moving your palms further apart. You may or not feel the same resistance, but with practice you will become more sensitive to feeling your energy.

This next exercise shows you how to see your energy.Hold your index fingers in front of you with the fingertipspointing at each other, about 2 inches apart and againsta dark background. Move your fingers up and down and in and out slowly. At first you may not be able to see it or you may see a faint line. As you get more sensitive to seeing your energy, the faint line will become thicker and sort of like a column of white transparent light.

I really enjoy that exercise. It looks and sort of feelslike a rubber band attached to the ends of your fingersand stretching in and out and up and down. With practice you will be able to see the energy coming out of all your fingers at the same time.

The next exercise will show you how to use your mindpower to put your energy to work. I learned this from my Qi Gong course and recently I seen it demonstrated on a Tai Chi television program.

What you are going to do is grow the length of your fingers, right before your eyes. Don't worry, they will not stay longer, everything will go back to normal.

Hold your hands in front of you, palms forward andfind the bottom lines in both your hands where the wrist and hands join. Match up these lines and bring your palms together. Now, compare your fingers to see which hand has the longer fingers. Usually one hand will have fingers that are slightly longer. If yoursdoes not, you can still do this exercise.

Put your hand with the longer fingers down and raise the other hand with your fingers slightly apart. If the fingers of both hands are the same size, just put either of your hands up and the other hand down.

Close your eyes. Concentrate on the fingers of the hand you have raised. Repeat in your mind for one or two minutes, "My fingers are growing longer, longer, longer".

After the one or two minutes, open your eyes and compare your fingers by lining up the bottom of your hands as you did at the beginning. Amazingly, your fingers on that hand are now longer than the fingers on your other hand!

The fingers will go back to their original length on their own or you can say in your mind, "My fingers are now back to normal". Compare them again and see.

You can also do this in reverse to make your fingers shorter on one hand. Isn't this amazing! I have not seen this fail to work for anyone. Of course, if your attention and intention are not there, it will not work.

These games are fun to play, but just think of what you could accomplish if you use the power of your mind to move this energy for healing your body or manifesting whatever you desire in your life! With practice and reading all you can on this subject, you will become better and better at using the wonderful power of your own mind.

Copyright 2005

Written by Susan Norrad, editor and publisher of The Universe Of Abundant Life Ezine. Find out how you can take control and create the life you want, look and feel great, be happy and successful.

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