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Use all of your brain to be your most effective.

"Running on Automatic" is what I call the ability to visualize what you need to have happen. Automatic because the part of your brain that gives us most of our solutions is working all the time. When you are asleep or not. Most of us call it our subconscience. This part of your brain is processing what your awake aware or cognitive part of the brain is telling it is going on. Our subconscience is not aware of any rational or philosophical system. It just helps us process the stuff we see, feel, smell, taste and hear. It is the core of our intuition. And most of all it can be exercised and controlled.

When we understand how to feed our subconscious so it will work out our problems and help us get to where we need to be there is nothing you can't achieve. Didn't your mother tell you "There's nothing you can't do, if you just set your mind to it." Listen to your mother, she was right. In fact she gave you the best advice you will ever get about how to get ahead in this world. If you can see it, you can do it.

Now you say 'Andrew, that sounds all fine and good, but have you ever got this thinking stuff to work?'

"Yes I have!" In fact the reality of this web site is the result of my imagining what could be done and then seeing all the parts in place and how they will fit together. At this time it is not complete, but I know what I want to see in place and how I will get it done. It is something I did with my brain, but the results will be with my hands.

Limber Up The Neurons

Let's do a very simple exercise so you can try it out for yourself. Look around the room you are in. Find something that someone made. Take a wooden chair for instance. Go back in your mind and see the tree that was growing in the forest. All green and beautiful. A trunk straight and tall. Then a lumberjack comes along with his or her chain saw and goes about cutting it down. Later a large piece of equipment comes along and gathers up the tree trunk that has been trimmed to a log and takes it to a lumber mill. At the mill the tree is cut into boards with a huge circular saw sorted, stacked, graded and finally the boards are placed in a kiln to dry the wood.

Heated steam dries the wood and then it is taken out, packaged by grade and then shipped to a furniture maker. At the furniture factory there are people who receive the materials from the trucking company that brought the wood to them and then again the lumber is inspected, sorted and then each piece goes through a manufacturing process. The legs, back, bottom supports, and back slats are all made by individual workers. At the end all the pieces come together and a worker assembles the parts and gets the chair ready to be finished.

Another worker applies the finish coats of varnish or paint to preserve and bring out the beauty of the chair design. Finally the chair is packaged, put on another truck and shipped to a furniture store where you see it and think, 'That would look great in our living room. Let's get it and have it for this evening.'

You might not have ever imagined all that about your chair. But something similar did happen to make that chair appear in your home. Relax and go back over each step as you see it happen in your mind. In a little while you will see each of the machines that you imagine created the chair and finally you will see the truck that brought the chair to your house.


Try this exercise for three or four days in a row and see if it doesn't get more real each time you do it. As you do the reality of the chair becomes something that you can believe in more and more. Just as the chair becomes more vibrant and real in your mind. Any other thought can do the same. A famous 19th century scientist Nikola Telsa the inventor of the "telsa coil" that makes your hair stand on end with static electricity, once said he made no invention without first seeing the entirety of his experiment in his mind working as he knew it would. Mr. Telsa knew the power of using his mind to work out the problems he sought to solve. He actively employed his conscious and subconscious mind to solve these problems by seeing them as final solutions before he ever tried to perform any of the work for the project.

Now that's mental power. But all of us have the same capability. All we have to do to make it work is to use our minds regularly and purposefully.

Write and let me know how you are coming along. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

In the next segment I'll share the secret to focused thought. How to keep our thoughts on track. Until then, don't just sit there...

Let's Get Started!

Andrew Abernathy

Founder, Put It iN Thought

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