The Non-Conscious Mind at Work. Harness it for Your Success

Thoughts are real things. As soon as you realize how to control your thoughts you are on your way to making vast changes in your daily success.

This month I am going to follow up on the article from last month, as I promised I would. Last month you may remember I made a statement that may have taken some of you by surprise. I told you that recent studies have shown our brains have no less than six levels of activity and five of those work all the time. Even when we sleep or are in a stupor from too much from the night before. By the way the alcohol that makes our senses dull works on our brains to prevent electrical signals to travel through it and cause all our mental activity to slow down. No wonder you get blurry vision, strange animals, slowed response time and strange verbal responses after a bit of alcohol in the body.

An no wonder you have a headache later. The brain is just trying to get the chemicals back in balance. All this to say the chemicals inside your brain make it work. Recently you may have seen articles in the news magazines or your newspaper about a discovery related to memory and recognition. It seems diet has a direct impact on our mental activity. As we get older we get a waxy substance that builds up on the brain connections. These act as insulators to prevent the electrical signals in our brains from being transmitted. This energy is the activity of our mental process and creates the memories we have as well as the reactions we need to cause our bodies to work.

For us this translates into the ability to remember what makes us feel good, or even where we left the keys this last night. Our brains get dull and listless when we don't exercise them and as we get older. To some degree we can defeat this by actively associating something with our actions. Preferably tie the memory to an image that is familiar. I do this by always placing my car keys in a basket on my dressing table. When I see my keys drop in the basket I make the association graphic, rather than just throwing them anywhere without thinking about it. Try it. You will be surprised how this simple exercise demonstrates the powers of associative organization. In one way or another all the memory gurus use this principle to teach you how to remember about anything.

Let's move on. We want to remember things that cause us to remain motivated. The important idea here is we have to retrain our thoughts to become focused on what we want to accomplish. To do this we have to raise whatever it is we want to accomplish to a point in our consciousness that we begin to see ideas and things around us that directly, or indirectly relate to what we want to be important to us. If we have been allowing ourselves to think we can't be successful at anything we do, then after a while we will really believe this.

Fortunately for all of us, we can change this pattern. Now what I am going to tell you next is simple to say, but not so simple to do so I'm going to give you a simple word to remember - P I N T.

Put It iN Thought. In other words, put your dreams in your thoughts all the time.

Drive out anything else. People you see around you who succeed are doing this all the time. They are single minded in their existence. They put what they want in their thoughts all the time. Anything that is not required to get the job done is discarded immediately. They will even bend their perceptions of things around them to being related or contributing to that they want to happen. They Put It iN Thought.

This may take a while. You have been letting everyone elses thoughts be suggested as your own for quite some time time. Changing your habits will take some time. Your thought patterns won't change over night. I will give you one hint. Recent research by Larry Kahil, MD at the University of California Medical Center found that emotion makes the strength of our memories much stronger. We have a tendency to be reinforced positively with good emotions.

Remember the kiss that really got to you the first time. I'll bet you still remember where you were and who you were kissing! So, do something or remember something that makes you feel good emotionally as you think of your goal. The more you think about your goal, the more your good feeling will happen. You will get hooked on the good feeling and on your goal. Everything you do will begin to focus on that goal because you want to feel good.

OK, you have the core of one of the most powerful life changing concepts you will ever learn. Just remember Put It iN Thought.

Let's Get Started!

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