What is the Success Lesson in this Story?

One of my clients gave me permission to tell you his story.

Jim called me 9 months ago and asked for help.

For the last 5 years Jim desperately wanted to leave his 9 to 5 job, but couldn't because the finances weren't there to support his wife and 2 kids. (6 and 9 years old)

In February 2001, Jim started reading personal development books and listening to CD's.

He got excited, like many of us.

He told me that at the age of 44 he finally lit his entrepreneurial spirit. He really wanted to grow both personally and financially.

Jim got excited, started working on a bunch of 'ideas'.

At first he worked on one thing, then 2 weeks later it was something else and 3 weeks later, a new thing.

That pattern kept going. Jim told me that in his zest to 'start a new life', a new lifestyle, more time with his wife and kids, he somehow was doing something wrong.

Personally, I used to make the same mistake he was making.

Unfortunately, I speak to hundreds of people each week in a similar situation to Jim.

One day we were on the phone and Jim got a bit emotional saying, "Mike, I need to do something because my dreams and my family are important to me, but I'm completely scattered. I'm all over the place."

I could really relate to him because that was me for 6 years earlier in my life.

I asked Jim if he was really serious about finally regaining control of his life. He said yes.

I could feel in his voice that he really meant it.

You see, so many people like Jim want more, but haven't reached it yet and here's a big reason why.

They're scattered and their habits are poor.

I challenged Jim and showed him how getting focused and learning how to concentrate, would bring him great rewards.

One of the real secrets to success is focus and concentration.

And that's what Jim started to do.

It's now less then 10 months later and Jim is home with his kids all day. He's spending quality time with his wife. Even waking up after 10am some days.

Because he started concentrating his energy, one of his 'ideas' has now grown so big, he's left his 9 to 5 job.

The question might be asked, "What did I tell Jim to help him become financially fr.ee and be able to quit his job?"

I revealed to him the same things Theron Dumont revealed to me in his rare 1918 classic on the power of concentration.

Those secrets changed my life and now Jim's life also.

You can get the same life changing system that I showed Jim and get the classic book for free.

Jim didn't want to go through life being scattered and inconsistent and neither did I.

You really can discover how to quickly and easily become a person that can succeed in a big, big way.

Theron Dumont says:

"Merely wishing for something will not bring it. Wishing you had something shows a weakness and not a belief that you will really get it. So never merely wish, as we are not living in a "fairy age." You use up just as much brain force in "vain imaginings" as you do when you think of something worth while."

Jim changed his life and so can you.

Have a GREAT day!

Mike Litman is the co-author of the #1 Best-selling book Conversations with Millionaires. Over the last 3 years, Mike has unleashed the greatness of tens of thousands of people worldwide. Networking Times Magazine called Mike Litman 'a modern day Napoleon Hill' and at the age of 30 he's already shared the stage with well-known speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen and Bob Proctor.http://www.mikelitman.com

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