Permission To Have FUN

• Have you been working long hours?
• Have you been managing 10 (or more) tasks at once?
• Are you combining several different personal and professional roles?

99% of my clients are experts at managing lifestyles similar to those above and this issue is dedicated to all of you.

Your reward for managing your lives so well is permission to have some FUN.

Did you know that children laugh an average 400 times each day but by 35 years old this has reduced to only 15 times per day. When you are having FUN your body is calm and stress-free, you experience an increase in oxygen, endorphins and blood flow to the brain. In this HAPPY state you are able to think more clearly and productively, you remain alert and are keen to experience more of the same. Having FUN induces a state of pure energy and reflects the real joy of living, and being in the moment. Stress melts away and our physical ailments bother us less What have you done that is fun today?

Having fun is contagious. If you are having fun, people want to join in - you become interesting and attractive. If you enjoy your job and have fun at work it is reflected in everything that you do. Your presentations become more dynamic and people are more likely to take notice of what you say. Often creativity improves and projects can seem easier to manage and complete.

Setting new goals and challenges can be a FUN activity. Blue-sky thinking can be exhilarating as there are no limitations to how incredible we would like our lives to be. Imagine if money, time, location was not a problem - how different could you life be. Imagine if the word "can't" really did not exist - what would you be doing differently?

One of my personal values is to incorporate FUN into my life wherever possible. However, before coaching, one of my limiting beliefs was that I need to have permission to have FUN, that it had to be earned or set aside for another day - once I had completed my mundane tasks. After coaching, I realised that by injecting FUN into those same tasks then they took on a new personality - they started to be enjoyable. The changes do not have to be earth shattering, it can be as simple as hovering to your favourite song; listening to an audio book while filing, or composing a poem while jogging.

When the activity incorporates FUN, it stops being routine and mundane; instead it becomes something to look forward to. Onerous tasks that require concentrated effort without interruption can come with a FUN reward on completion - just make sure that the reward is tantalising enough to keep you going at even the darkest point in the project. This can work equally well for a tem as an individual and can be a great motivator - especially if the team decides the reward themselves.

Suggestion for this week:
What can you do to make your life more fun?

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