Online Counseling - a Timely Happenstance

Online counseling may be the latest and greatest improvement intherapy. It seems to be perfect for this fast-paced world withmany workers who sit by their computer screens all day long. Yet,it is not limited to today's information technology workers orthose whose work requires being online frequently.

Imagine how convenient it will be to read a quick email from yourtherapist that can give you just the insight you were looking forto move beyond your failed relationship or that obsession withchocolate that was left in the wake of a bad break-up. This couldbe the very addiction that is causing you to buy larger sizedclothes all of the sudden.

Think about the worried mother who doesn't quite know what to doabout her child's out-of-character or unusual behavior. Or evenworse, the distraught parent trying to cope with his teenager'sdrug or alcohol addiction. And of course there are other intenseproblems, such as teen pregnancy, death of a loved one orterminal illness in the family.

These can be tough problems to tackle in an already stressedenvironment that is the world we live in. But when do you findthe time to go to your therapy session? This is especially thecase when your therapist is not available during the day, overweekends or at some other time when it is convenient to you?

Think about the time it takes to travel back and forth for atherapy session even when you do manage to schedule one. There isthe ever increasing cost of gasoline to contend with too, addingto the stress that might lead you to seek counseling in the firstplace!

Then there are some problems that you might not want to talk tosomeone face-to-face with, especially someone who lives in yourhome town. Wouldn't it be much easier to sign up for emailcounselling sessions with someone in a far away city? You couldeven open an anonymous email account with yahoo or some otheremail provider that doesn't necessarily need your real name, anduse that to offer near total anonymity.

This seems like a good idea, it can provide you the kind ofnurturing environment needed to really pour your heart out to thetherapist and get a professional response via email. Thetherapist doesn't have to know anything about your identity andcan still treat you professionally. And this could mean noembarrassing record that could be subpoenaed in a court of law.

A good online counseling plan might include unlimited emails fora certain amount of time. Giving you the kind of access to atherapist that you might not get in a once-a-week appointment.Not without paying extra, that is.

Yes, there are a number of benefits to seeking online therapy.Anonymity, access, time and money savings. No one needs to knowyou are in therapy and they won't ever see you "go" to anappointment. Yet, while you are sitting at your computer, anemail may pop up with just the timely advice or encouragement youwere looking for, the kind of support that can be hard to come byin today's crazy, mixed up world.

Dave Snape is a health, fitness and wellness enthusiast. His website is

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