Secrets of Creating Interpersonal Power

If you work with people, as a company owner, manager and team leader or on the customer interface, your impact on others is your most important asset! Someone creating 'Interpersonal Power', as I see it, has the ability to inspire, motivate and facilitate outstanding action in another.

In 1996 I won the Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA, in Whitewater Slalom.As an athlete then, I needed someone I could trust completely, someone I could communicate with almost without words. Providing the assuring 'outside view' on my performance and the unwavering shared vision of my success.

Later, as a coach and leader myself, I needed to know how to create this 'Interpersonal Power' with all the people that were essential to achieving our goals. In 2004 I took a squad of 5 athletes in 4 disciplines with 2 other coaches and a number of support staff to Athens and we won two Olympic Medals with 2 first-time Olympians!

Beside having and sharing a common mission with agreed targets and having good clarity of roles for everyone involved, I found it very effective to become aware of and act in accordance with any unconscious motivations and individual preferences.

What you see, hear or feel isn't always what you get. Scientists estimate that about 90% of our behavior is unconsciously motivated! There are always a number of levels to every challenge.

So how did we get to the core issues? Through inquiry and research.

Inquiry is the process of unraveling someone's internal experience. To maximize your performance you need to have the opportunity to make new sense of things, to reframe your experience and to bounce off ideas with an impartial and logical mind. That way you can use every experience for growth and achievement!

Research is the process of tracking and analyzing as many of the 'measurable quantities' as possible. It's about being on a quest for truth: what's really so- and why- and is there another way?I believe top achievers in any field are relentless and driven on this quest for excellence.

Working with individual preferences, recognizes that we are all in our own model of the world, making meaning of things due to our personal experiences and the resulting preferences. Recognizing and actively working with another's personal perception of what is happening is a major step in creating 'Interpersonal Power' with that person. That's what's called 'being in rapport' and it can be facilitated and learned.

You can read another's unconscious programs, which allows you to translate your message to them into the language they truly hear and respond to! It also sensitizes you to the detail of how we are different and how that is necessary and effective for the purpose of creating the most satisfying and successful team efforts.

So, in many ways, achieving is a journey and not a destination.

Learning how to achieve when it counts then, to get the medals on the day, or to close the most thought after deals time and again, requires the use of these and other fascinating secrets.

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Oliver Fix, Olympic Gold Medallist in 1996 and Olympic Medal Winning Coach in 2004, offers coach / consultant services that can propel you and your company into this coveted level of success. Find out more on his website:

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