Mailey's Introspections [Monday, December 6th 2005]

As I work with clients as their introspective Inner Peace/Relationship coach, an issue that has come to my awareness is the tendency we have as human beings to stray away from the present moment. Some people tend to live mostly in the past, some live in the future, while still others ricochet from future to past and back to the future again.

One man shared recently that he has noticed how he cheats himself out of joy on a daily basis. He spends a lot of time during work feeling guilty about things he needs to do at home. Then, when he is at home and could enjoy getting those things done, he worries about when his next work assignment will come!

For some reason, our mental visits to the foreign lands outside the present are usually unhappy ones. Dwelling on the past usually take the form of focusing on painful events. Even when the memories are happy ones, they are often accompanied with a painful longing for days gone by.

Living in the future, meanwhile, generates fear. If we concentrate overmuch even on happy events we look forward to, we can't help but become afraid that those good things won't happen, or that the reality won't live up to our dreams. And of course, most of our time in the future is filled with imaginings of things we don't want to have happen. If you look at your life, I am sure you will realize that most of the time the future never reveals itself as you imagined it. If you pay attention to your body the next time you give it a fearful thought, you'll recognize the sickening dose of adrenaline that pours through your veins, constricting your muscles and throat, clouding your mind and emotions. You will notice that your body is mostly reacting in this way due to the timeline of your mind. If you observe yourself I am sure you will notice that you are either focusing on past event or on a situation you are anticipating. We seem to believe the negative more than the positive. We spend an inordinate amount of time living with such painful experiences, and we don't have to!

The part of you that always knows what to do or say, no matter what comes your way, lives only in the eternal present. No wonder it feels so bad to live outside the present - when we do, we leave the best part of ourselves behind!

Fortunately, our unruly minds can be trained so that we increase the amount of time we stay in the present and stay present to ourselves. Much of our energy in introspective coaching is spent training our minds for that very purpose. Many of the exercises I share with my clients are designed to help them experience the present in all aspect - mind, body, and heart.

As we return to the miraculous present, we find that fear, anger, worry, and doubt dissolve and are replaced by inner peace. With consistent practice, we become more at home in the peace, and we experience inner freedom. I am honored to serve you on your journey home to the present moment.

© Introspective Coaching-Mailey Rohner/ 2004

Mailey Rohner is an Inner Peace-Licensed Relationship Coach. She is happily married and lives with her husband in Switzerland. A Swiss African-American with a very diverse background, Mailey has lived and worked in five different countries on three continents. This has given her a deep understanding of many different ways of living and looking at life.

Mailey is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Her personal mission is to help you manifest the relationship of your dreams, as you maintain emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.

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