Life On The Receiving End Of Coaching

What is it like to be on the receiving end of mentoring to improve your performance in pocket billiards and at the same time, participate in life changing coaching?

You are the reason for all of the things you are going through. Once you accept that, you are then ready to make the changes that will take you to the next level and far beyond.

Many billiards players find themselves blocked from moving to the next level. They seem to stay in the same place year after year. Do you find yourself at one of these stagnation points? I recently took part in the Monk 101 Four Points To Power program and found it was

• Professionally personalized programs for success
• Structure to keep me focused, on track, clear, accountable and successful
• Support to sharpen skills, clarity and awareness
• Direction on material and technology to support top quality growth
• Opportunity to hone critical thinking skills, analyze situations and co-create strategies to effectively deal with them on the table and off.

It did not require face-to-face meetings, it did not rely upon judgment of my performance before beginning the program and it did not require an exorbitant investment of time and money.Working with The Monk I learned many things about myself and was able to make some positive changes. I now find I can:

Accept Criticism--If given with respect, offered in private, critique could change your game.

Submit To Correction--You know you did wrong and you are sorry, but until you are shown how to correct the problem, it is subject repetition.

Learn By Following--Learning can be defined as the act, process, or experience of gaining knowledge or skills. But you only gain understanding when you follow someone's example.

Get Yourself Free--Learn to deal with the bad habits you keep dragging around. Be accountable to your master.

Gain Consistency--Make Your game more reliable and uniform in a variety of circumstances and varying degrees of distraction.

Increase Confidence--Learn the Four Strokes of Pool, how to shoot them and how to use them to win.

Win More Games--When you can get your attitude in line with your skills, you will find more often then not you will be in the winners' circle.

Gain Recognition--"From our perceptions we turn in our performance. If with faulty perceptions we act, we think, and we perform, calamity comes upon us. If from right perceptions we act, we think, we perform, success is ours."

Improve Your Life--The Enlightenment Stage is the goal of true champions. Those who reach this level are truly free from the ruling forces of the senses and can live life to the fullest. You won't know the true meaning of your life until you connect to that which gave you meaning.

Truly, if you can become one with the nine precepts outlined above, we can change our world. The Monk 101 Four Points to Power program is your chance to change the mind set that holds you back in this great game. Our perceptions build our mindset. From our mindset we act, think and perform.

The true value of this program goes far beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge; you can do that with a book. The Monk 101 Four Points To Power is designed to help you reach the stage of true enlightenment, and real understanding.

Even in pocket billiards, you can't sink a shot with knowledge, you'll never gain good position if your shot is based on what you know -- understanding gives you great power, both on the table and off.


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