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The higher you climb the ladder in this organization, the less chance you have of getting feedback about your performance. The working rule of thumb is "the farther up you go, the stranger things get," especially in the way you are reviewed and rewarded. We seem to have time for everything else, but not time to give our top people the kind of reviews they need to help them develop. -Executive level controllerWhy We Need Executive Coaching

Today, executives by the nature of their work (unstructured, uncertain, and ill-defined) can benefit from coaching discussions with those in a position to observe both the results produced as well as the behaviors exhibited. However, most senior executives view their primary roles as protecting and enhancing shareholders values, establishing corporate strategy, and avoiding litigation, bankruptcy or prosecution. They feel coaching peers and associates isn't in their job descriptions. Few executives fail because they lack technical skills or motivation. In a classic study by the Center for Creative Leader, four enduring themes for why executives derail are present over time and across countries:

  • Problems with interpersonal relationships
  • Failure to meet business objectives
  • Failure to build and lead a team
  • Inability to change or adapt during a transition.

    These four themes cry out for the personal attention of a coach. Why is it that organizations and executives take this sink-or-swim philosophy with such a valuable resource pool?

    For the above reasons it might be worth while to consider executive coaching to assist in the enhancing of performance and executive development. One-on-one attention can assist in obtaining feedback from direct reports, help to develop crucial relationships, and develop teamwork and collaboration skills.

    Executive Coaching can focus on a variety of target areas. If you would like to learn about how CMOE's 27 years of coaching experience can assist your executives, please contact one of our Regional Managers toll free at (801)569-3444 or visit our website.

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