A Fresh Look at the Choices We Make

We are frequently held back from making future plans or reaching goals based on the perceived wrongness of choices we've made in the past. I want to give you something to think about.

Most of us have made choices in the past that are we not proud of and may prevent us from moving toward the future. If you have made wrong turns and guilt prevents you from moving forward, think about this:

There are a few needs motivation theories that may help to explain: The ERG theory and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs are two. While Maslow's theory explains that we must fulfill the most basic needs first, the ERG theory suggests that we could be working on more than one dimension at a time after minimally fulfilling the basic needs.

These theories come into play for instance when an abused wife feels she can't leave her husband. Her need for security, i.e.: a home, food on the table is put before the need for her safety.

A person making minimum wage may be working so many hours just to provide food and shelter that the thought of education seems nothing but a dream.

If you are living in an unsafe neighborhood, your efforts to remain safe may take up so much of your time that it's difficult to consider social needs.

Choices we've made in the past are often based out of a need to fulfill. Our choices may have been limited and it's even possible that years down the road we've forgotten the details. The next time your internal dialogue starts eating away at you, stop to think of where you were in the hierarchy.

For further study:http://www.envisionsoftware.com/articles/ERG_Theory.html http://www.envisionsoftware.com/articles/Maslows_Needs_Hierarchy.html

Cathy Gariety is a Registered Nurse and Personal Coach at Power Group Coaching based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Email her at cgariety@Power-Group-Coaching.com

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