The $10,000,000.00 Question

When I asked my client, Amanda, what she would do if she won a $10,000,000.00 lottery prize, she quickly answered " I would move to Hawaii and sit on the beach all day." Wow, sounds great doesn't it? When I next asked her if she could see herself still sitting on the beach all day in five years, she raised her eyebrows and said " Gosh, probably not, I'd be bored."

When I questioned Amanda further, she realized that what she would really like to do was live in a sunny climate, have a job that she enjoyed and sit on the beach when she wanted to. She also discovered that even without a lottery win that dream was a possibility.

By utilizing our 5 point F.O.C.U.S. program we worked together to make Amanda an active dreamer. The F.O.C.U.S. program is an ideal guide to discovering your dream and taking action steps to realize that dream.

F-Find a Dream-Amanda and I did that by exploring what she would do with a huge lottery win.

O-Occupy Your Dream---When Amanda actually occupied her dream, being exact about the details of her future life, dreaming in specifics, she was able to modify the original dream to be more realistic.

C---Create a Plan to Live Your Dream---We created action steps that Amanda could implement immediately. Researching sunny climates to find one that appealed in all ways, was the first of these steps.

U---Understand the Evolution of Your Dream---Thinking realistically about how each step might impact Amanda and those around her helped her move ahead in an evolutionary, not revolutionary manner.

S---Sense the Reality of Your Dream---As Amanda completed action step after action step, she felt a sense of empowerment and the satisfaction of completing steps on the road to her dream life.

Amanda's journey was not short, nor was it easy. There were obstacles and roadblocks along the way, but as we planned her action steps we could clearly see those obstacles and create ways to get over/around them. Today Amanda is living in a sunny climate and has made a career change that allows her the freedom to "beach it" when she wants. By first identifying her real dream and then creating action steps to realize that dream, Amanda became an active dreamer and was able to live the life she dreamed.

(c) 2004 Beth Densmore

Beth Densmore is a Personal Life Coach who offers support, inspiration and motivation to those who are in transition and want to achieve a goal. For more information and more free articles like this, visit her site at

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